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The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
  Stagione 1
1 x 01 - "Meet the girls"
Data trasmissione originale: 7 agosto 2005
1 x 02 - "New Girls in Town"
Data trasmissione originale: 7 agosto 2005
1 x 03 - "Happy Birthday, Kendra!"
Data trasmissione originale: 14 agosto 2005
1 x 04 - "What Happens in Vegas"
Data trasmissione originale: 21 agosto 2005
1 x 05 - "Fight Night"
Data trasmissione originale: 28 agosto 2005
1 x 06 - "Operation Playmate"
Data trasmissione originale: 11 settembre 2005
1 x 07 - "Just Shoot Me"
Data trasmissione originale: 25 agosto 2005
1 x 08 - "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
Data trasmissione originale: 11 settembre 2005
1 x 09 - "Under the Covers"
Data trasmissione originale: 23 ottobre 2005
1 x 10 - "Ghostbusted"
Data trasmissione originale: 30 ottobe 2005
1 x 11 - "Grape Expectations"
Data trasmissione originale: 6 novembre 2005
1 x 12 - "I'll Take Manhattan"
Data trasmissione originale: 13 novembre 2005
1 x 13 - "My Kind of Town"
Data trasmissione originale: 20 novembre 2005
1 x 14 - "Clue-less"
Data trasmissione originale: 27 novembre 2005
1 x 15 - "It's Vegas, Baby!"
Data trasmissione originale: 4 dicembre 2005

The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
  Stagione 2
2 x 01 - "Here's Looking at You, Hef"
Hef (aka Baby Puffin) celebrates his 80th birthday, and Holly, Bridget and Kendra are throwing three blowout bashes.
Data trasmissione originale: 30 luglio 2006

2 x 02 - "80 Is the New 40"
Tonight, Holly, Bridget and Kendra discover the wonders of the workin' world.
Data trasmissione originale: 6 agosto 2006

2 x 03 - "Career Dazed"
Hef's 80th birthday bash includes 1,000 guests - and Bridget's very special striptease!
Data trasmissione originale: 6 agosto 2006

2 x 04 - "Mutiny on the Booty"
When Playboy editors decide to give Holly, Bridget and Kendra their second pictorial spread, Hef has a big decision to make: Does he have the girls pose on his beloved revolving circular bed, or does he let them show their true (and truly wild) sides by letting them design their own photo shoots?
Data trasmissione originale: 13 agosto 2006

2 x 05 - "San Diego or Busts"
It's Kendra's turn to show off San Diego, home to her mom. But this time, it's not just a girls' day out. Hef is along for the ride.
Data trasmissione originale: 20 agosto 2006

2 x 06 - "Heavy Petting"
Spring at the Playboy Mansion means lots of animal antics - and even talk of babies!
Data trasmissione originale: 2 settembre 2006

2 x 07 - "Sleepwear Optional"
Holly and the girls host a zany slumber party before the Playmate of the Year luncheon.
Data trasmissione originale: 9 settembre 2006

2 x 08 - "I See London, I See France"
After Bridget almost has a panic attack while packing, the girls jet off to Europe for a two-week vacay with Hef.
Data trasmissione originale: 17 settembre 2006

2 x 09 - "When in Rome"
Hef and the girls embark on adventures in Italy - and Germany.
Data trasmissione originale: 24 settembre 2006

2 x 10 - "Baby Talk"
Holly and the girls throw a baby shower for Playmate Victoria Fuller.
Data trasmissione originale: 1 ottobre 2006

2 x 11 - "The 21 Club"
Kendra turns 21 and the girls celebrate like crazy in Las Vegas.
Data trasmissione originale: 8 ottobre 2006

2 x 12 - "Girls Will Be Ghouls"
Bridget believes she's an actual conduit for all kinds of paranormal phenomenon.
Data trasmissione originale: 15 ottobre 2006

2 x 13 - "The Age of Aquarium"
It's Hef and Holly's 5th Anniversary and she's eager to commemorate the occasion with a fondue party.
Data trasmissione originale: 29 ottobre 2006

2 x 14 - "Rabbit Season"
The Palms Casino resort is about to open the first Playboy Club in 25 years - but first they need to staff it with beautiful bunnies.
Data trasmissione originale: 5 novembre 2006

2 x 15 - "We Can Work It Out"
"Body by Jake" taps the girls to do a workout video and the girls' planning, preparation and performances definitely get their heartrates elevated.
Data trasmissione originale: 12 novembre 2006

2 x 16 - "Playboys After Dark"
Hef and the girls go all out for the grand opening and it becomes a true Playboy family affair.
Data trasmissione originale: 19 novembre 2006

The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
  Stagione 3
3 x 01 - "Snow Place Like Home"
It's Christmas at the Mansion and the staff work like elves to create a winter wonderland for Hef and the Girls - complete with a snow-covered front yard!
Data trasmissione originale: 4 marzo 2007

3 x 02 - "May the Horse Be with You"
The Girls are eager to get to know the Playmate of the Year finalists a little better and decide that horseback riding to the world-famous Hollywood sign would be a great activity.
Data trasmissione originale: 11 marzo 2007

3 x 03 - "Let Them Eat Birthday Cake"
For Holly's birthday, the Girls decide to throw a lavish party with a Marie Antoinette theme.
Data trasmissione originale: 18 marzo 2007

3 x 04 - "My Bare Lady"
It's Holly's big chance to serve as apprentice editor under the tutelage of Playboy's west coast editor, Marilyn Grabowski.
Data trasmissione originale: 1 aprile 2007

3 x 05 - "Calendar Girls"
With the success of their 2007 calendar, Holly, Bridget and Kendra are asked to shoot another one.
Data trasmissione originale: 8 aprile 2007

3 x 06 - "Snowboarded"
Snow-fever lures Holly, Bridget and Kendra to Vail, Colorado for an all-girl two-day snowboard adventure.
Data trasmissione originale: 15 aprile 2007

3 x 07 - "Hearts Afire"
It's Valentine's Day at the Mansion and romance is everywhere for the iconic bachelor and his three girlfriends.
Data trasmissione originale: 22 aprile 2007

3 x 08 - "P.M.O. Why Not?"
The eagerness to learn who will become the next Playmate of the Year has the Mansion buzzing as the girls get to know the finalists.
Data trasmissione originale: 6 maggio 2007

3 x 09 - "Family Affairs"
The girls spend some quality time with those other important people in their life: their families.
Data trasmissione originale: 13 maggio 2007

3 x 10 - "Home, Sweet Suite"
The Girls head to Vegas to celebrate Hef's 81st birthday.
The girls spend some quality time with those other important people in their life: their families.

Data trasmissione originale: 20 maggio 2007

3 x 11 - "Training Dazed"
Hef and the girls have a very special "movie night" at the mansion. The happy quartet snuggle up to watch and relive some of their favorite moments from the past three seasons.
Data trasmissione originale: 12 agosto 2007

3 x 12 - "Dangerous Curves"
When Bridget sends her dog to obedience school, Kendra decides to enroll herself in charm school. Holly, meanwhile, continues with her photo editor apprenticeship for Playboy.
Data trasmissione originale: 19 agosto 2007

3 x 13 - "Surely, You Joust!"
Kendra preps to participate in the celebrity portion of the Toyota Grand Prix. Meanwhile, Bridget gets her Porsche customized and Holly "goes green" and buys a Toyota Prius.
Data trasmissione originale: 26 agosto 2007

3 x 14 - "Guess Who's Coming to Luncheon?"
Hef and the Girls visit the world-famous Renaissance Fair in custom-tailored period attire. Hef is regal, Holly is a princess, and Bridget and Kendra are naughty wenches.
Data trasmissione originale: 2 settembre 2007

3 x 15 - "Bedtime Stories: The Best of the Girls Next Door"
The Playmate of the Year Luncheon is always one of the biggest events of the year at the Mansion. But this year, it's even bigger.
Data trasmissione originale: 28 maggio 2007

The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
  Stagione 4
4 x 01 - "Patriot Dames"
Hef's fireworks display is the highlight of every July 4th bash, but this year there's a new kid in town.
Data trasmissione originale: 9 dicembre 2007

4 x 02 - "Heavy Lifting"
Holly is determined to give the Mansion gym a much-needed makeover, despite Hef's desire to keep the "70's style," intact.
Data trasmissione originale: 16 dicembre 2007

4 x 03 - "Half-Baked Alaska"
Holly takes Bridget and Kendra on a rugged Alaskan adventure, showing the girls how she grew up among a very different kind of "wildlife."
Data trasmissione originale: 23 dicembre 2007

4 x 04 - "Unveilings"
This year's Midsummer Night's Dream Party has an extra special Arabian Nights theme; Kendra's mother reveals her new look.
Data trasmissione originale: 30 dicembre 2007

4 x 05 - "There's Something About Mary O'Connor"
Mary O'Connor hosts the girls (and a group of Playmates) at her house to play cards and hang out, while Hef's Manly Night is in full-swing at the Mansion.
Data trasmissione originale: 6 gennaio 2008

4 x 06 - "The Full Monte Carlo"
Hef and the girls venture to the Monte Carlo International Television Festival at the invitation of Prince Albert.
Data trasmissione originale: 13 gennaio 2008

4 x 07 - "Everyday Is Wednesday"
Holly poses nude for a PETA ad to help support their work for animals.
Data trasmissione originale: 20 gennaio 2008

4 x 08 - "Go West, Young Girl"
Out with the old and in with the new, when Holly becomes West Coast photo editor and takes the Playboy Studio by storm.
Data trasmissione originale: 27 gennaio 2008

4 x 09 - "Jamaican Me Crazy"
The Girls Next Door travel to the exotic island of Jamaica for Holly's sister's wedding.
Data trasmissione originale: 10 febbraio 2008

4 x 10 - "Wedding Belles"
Wedding bells are ringing for Holly's sister and the girls are there to celebrate.
Data trasmissione originale: 17 febbraio 2008

4 x 11 - "It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want To"
Bridget's birthday this year is supernatural and in preparation for the bash, the girls learn how to work a stripper's pole in an attempt to get in shape!
Data trasmissione originale: 24 febbraio 2008

4 x 12 - "Surf's Up"
When the Girls Next Door go to the beach, they don't just grab a towel and go: they pull out all the stops - with some help from the Mansion staff.
Data trasmissione originale: 2 marzo 2008

The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
  Stagione 5
5 x 00 - "House Bunnies"
Holly, Bridget, Kendra and Hef appear in a Hollywood movie starring Anna Faris (The House Bunny) which is loosely based on life at the Playboy Mansion.
Data trasmissione originale: 18 agosto 2008

5 x 01 - "Hot Chocolate"
Hef and the Girls venture to Vegas for a very special celebration of the magazine mogul's 82nd birthday. The girls design chocolate-dipped body parts for Hef's birthday gift.
Data trasmissione originale: 5 ottobre 2008

5 x 02 - "She Got Game"
Hef and all the Girls attend one of Playboy's most action-packed, celebrity-studded parties of the year: the over-the-top Super Bowl extravaganza.
Data trasmissione originale: 12 ottobre 2008

5 x 03 - "Scream Test"
It's Halloween again and Bridget is approached to produce a low-budget horror movie that will showcase her on- and off-screen talents.
Data trasmissione originale: 19 ottobre 2008

5 x 04 - "Change of Undress"
Bridget and Holly have plans to spruce up the Mapleton House before a few new girls move in. After the makeover is done, they throw a fun-filled housewarming party for the girls.
Data trasmissione originale: 26 ottobre 2008

5 x 05 - "Girl Crazy: Part 1"
The Mansion hosts a key segment of the search for the 55th Anniversary Playmate, with hundreds of beautiful girls vying for this exclusive honor.
Data trasmissione originale: 9 novembre 2008

5 x 06 - "Girl Crazy: Part 2"
The search continues for the 55th Anniversary Playmate, with Holly and friends making their way to The Big Apple.
Data trasmissione originale: 16 novembre 2008

5 x 07 - "Kentucky Fried"
Hef and the Girls attend the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, with the Girls decked out in their most fabulous dresses and hats and turning heads.
Data trasmissione originale: 23 novembre 2008

5 x 08 - "Pleading the 55th: Part 1"
The 55th Anniversary Playmate finalists come to Los Angeles for test shoots and are rewarded by a special surprise announcement by Hef.
Data trasmissione originale: 30 novembre 2008

5 x 09 - "Pleading the 55th: Part 2"
After Holly and Hef review the results of the test shoots for the 55th Anniversary Playmate, Hef presents the chosen girl with a special necklace to commemorate the achievement.
Data trasmissione originale: 7 dicembre 2008

5 x 10 - "Catcher in the Raw"
Kendra organizes a Playmate-packed softball game, and prepares for it by going to the batting cages with Holly. After Hef throws out the first pitch, it's time to "Play ball!"
Data trasmissione originale: 14 dicembre 2008

5 x 11 - "Glued to Their Sets"
The Girls Next Door 2009 calendar is underway, with Holly, Bridget and Kendra each appearing in their own "themed" shoots. Hef looks through his scrapbooks at his amazing life.
Data trasmissione originale: 21 dicembre 2008

5 x 12 - "Kickin' Aspen"
Hef and the Girls venture to Aspen, Colorado to visit Barbi Benton at her 27,000 square foot home. The group ventures through the snow-covered hills for a memorable sleigh ride.
Data trasmissione originale: 28 dicembre 2008

5 x 13 - "Happy Birthday, Anastasia"
Bridget's little sister, Anastasia, is finally turning 21, and the Girls want to help her celebrate in style.
Data trasmissione originale: 4 gennaio 2009

5 x 14 - "Tying the Naughty"
Stacy Burke's boyfriend, Roy, a heavily tattooed type who's running for mayor of a small California town, pops the question to Stacy "live" on Bridget's radio show.
Data trasmissione originale: 18 gennaio 2009

5 x 15 - "Fangs for the Mammaries"
Bridget's horror movie is shooting - and she's learning quite a bit about this sometimes "scary" business. What's the status of this particular film?
Data trasmissione originale: 25 gennaio 2009

5 x 16 - "The Spa Who Loved Me"
The Girls each have their moms come to the Mansion for Mother's Day, indulging them with the "pampered princess" spa treatment.
Data trasmissione originale: 8 febbraio 2009

5 x 17 - "The Big Easy Does It"
The Girls go to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras, "Girls Next Door"-style.
Data trasmissione originale: 8 febbraio 2009

5 x 18 - "Scuba, Scuba, Do!"
The girls get certified in scuba diving: "class" takes place at the dining room table, followed by a first lesson in the Mansion pool and a sea dive off the coast of Catalina.
Data trasmissione originale: 15 febbraio 2009

5 x 19 - "Third Time's the Charming"
It's summertime fun at the Playboy Mansion and Holly is helping to direct Playboy shoots for all three of The Girls Next Door. This is a special pictorial for the girls.
Data trasmissione originale: 15 febbraio 2009

5 x 20 - "Transitions Part 1 & Part 2"
In a decision that shocks family and friends, Kendra decides it's time to move out of the Mansion, find a place of her own, and begin the next phase of her life and career.
Data trasmissione originale: 1 marzo 2009

The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
The Girls Next Door
  Stagione 6
6 x 01 - "Meet the New Girls"
Hef's new girls, Crystal, Karissa and Kristina are introduced; the twins fly to Vegas to celebrate their double Playmate issue, and meet Holly.
Data trasmissione originale: 11 ottobre 2009

6 x 02 - "Look Before You Peep"
Hef and Crystal meet the twins and Holly at the Sky Villa in Las Vegas for an in-suite dinner; the gang goes to watch Holly perform in "Peep Show."
Data trasmissione originale: 18 ottobre 2009

6 x 03 - "The Wheel World"
Crystal, Karissa and Kristina cause a scene on a Hollywood tour bus, get off at the Playboy Mansion's front gate and try to talk their way in before the police show up.
Data trasmissione originale: 25 ottobre 2009

6 x 04 - "The S'more the Merrier"
The Twins and Crystal decide to "get back to nature" and camp in the back yard with their Playmate friends. By the end of the night, the campers end up in Hef's room for a movie.
Data trasmissione originale: 1 novembre 2009

6 x 05 - "Uncover Girls"
While Karissa and Kristina train for parts as sexy twin vixens in a Sofia Coppola movie, Crystal finds out she will be a Playmate and does her super-sexy photo shoot.
Data trasmissione originale: 8 novembre 2009

6 x 06 - "Ciao Time"
Hef has been invited to be the guest of honor at the San Remo Music Festival in Italy and decides to bring all three Girls along for some fun.
Data trasmissione originale: 15 novembre 2009

6 x 07 - "Charity Begins at Holmby"
Bridget Marquardt is tapped to host and emcee a fashion show to benefit an animal charity and is thrilled that Crystal and the twins are willing to participate.
Data trasmissione originale: 22 novembre 2009

6 x 08 - "Stay Tuned"
Hef and the girls participate in a Guitar Hero video shoot at the mansion; Crystal takes singing lessons.
Data trasmissione originale: 29 novembre 2009

6 x 09 - "The Showering Inferno"
Crystal, the twins, Holly, Bridget and other mansion friends throw a baby shower for Kendra at Mary O'Connor's house.
Data trasmissione originale: 6 dicembre 2009

6 x 10 - "Deja View"
Marking Crystal's first anniversary with Hef.
Data trasmissione originale: 6 dicembre 2009
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